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Find some of Shropshires hidden gems for a fantastic rock climbing experience

Corbet Woods – Grinshill Ridge – 90 climbs

Located in the North of Shropshire, Corbett Woods is a mixture of a woodland and quarrying site. This area was quarried for centuries and the rock hauled was used in the creation of local churches and bridges including the English and Welsh Bridges in Shrewsbury. Joint to Corbet wood is Grinshill,  a Sandstone outcrop reaching a height of 192 metres.

The climbing is scattered throughout the woods and hillside in this area. Grinshill is Shropshire’s hidden gem for climbing, so a soft-bristled brush is recommended with your visit! The outcrop has routes ranging from 3A to 6B and provide a number of interesting top rope and bouldering problems.

To access Grinshill ridge, free parking is available at Corbett wood car park.

Nesscliffe – 94 climbs

A 30-minute drive west of Corbett woods you’ll find Nesscliffe countryside heritage site. The 70 acres site includes two wooded hills and heather-covered ridge. Within the site is an iron age hill fort, a series of impressive quarries which supplied stone for some of Shropshire’s’ castles and churches.

With this infamous outcrop being soft red sandstone, some of the climbs can take a bit of getting used to, although a majority of the popular climbs aren’t too bad for sandiness. The climbs at Nesscliffe are generally based around pockets and utilising the numerous breaks that intersect the cliffs. The routes here range from 3-8B.

To access Nesscliffe, free parking is available at Oak Car Park.

Pontesford Rocks – 42 climbs

8 miles south of Shrewsbury you’ll find Earl’s and Pontesford Hill. This historic reserve with volcanic origins is managed by Shropshire Wildlife Trust who have looked after the area since 1964.

The Crag here is within Earls Hill nature reserve and is well maintained. In 2013 the Trust undertook vegetation clearance work which cleared mainly invasive trees on the scree slopes but also scrub on the rocks. This was done with the intent to improve the cliff environment for climbers as it allows more light and air to dry the rocks better.

The grade range of Pontesford Rocks is between 5-6A

 Pontesford Hill car park is free and open all year round. Be aware of seasonal restrictions due to nesting birds from 1st March to 16th July, please visit the Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s website for more information.


Find out more about rock climbing and bouldering routes in Shropshire on the Shropshire Bouldering website. https://shropshirebouldering.co.uk/

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