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We passionately believe that our wonderful county can provide memorable experiences for visitors with all sorts of different wish lists, priorities and needs. So, over the coming months we are going to highlight the best that Shropshire has to offer, whatever you’re interested in and looking for.

We’ll be flagging up the choicest boltholes for romantic getaways, as well as explaining how families can have a fabulous staycation here. We’ll be picking out a plethora of places where you can sample our amazing locally-sourced food and locally-made drink, from farm shops to delis and breweries to restaurants. We’ll be pointing you to the county’s many fascinating and scenic historical sights, and we’ll also be shining a light on our loveliest gardens.

Shropshire’s varied landscapes are a magnet for outdoorsy types, and we’re going to select for you the best walking and hiking the county can offer, and also suggest other enticing activities to get stuck into, on our rivers and canals and up in our hills. And, by the way, for those of you who like getting well off the beaten track, we’ll be singling out lesser-visited alternatives to well-trod honeypots.

What we won’t be offering you are any city breaks, as we don’t have any cities! But we will be helping you get the best out of Shrewsbury, our history-rich county town, on a 48-hour stay, and explain how best to tackle our UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ironbridge Gorge.

Whatever it is you’re after, Shropshire welcomes you.


Shropshire welcomes...adventure seekers

Shropshire is hard to beat for an activity-packed break or day out. You can explore the county’s beautiful countryside on thousands of miles of footpaths, cycling routes and bridleways. Or, if you’re an adrenaline seeker, you could take a ride on one of the country’s longest zip lines. If you really want to fly, you […]

Shropshire welcomes… off-the-beaten-track explorers

In A Shropshire Lad, a collection of poems published in 1896, AE Housman wrote: “Clunton and Clunbury, Clungunford and Clun, are the quietest places under the sun.” Some 125 years later, down in this idyllic, out-of-the-way corner of south-west Shropshire, it is still very quiet indeed.   The same is true across much of the […]

Shropshire Welcomes... Amblers & Ramblers

Shropshire is one of England’s least densely populated counties. It’s a deeply rural part of the world. Encompassing verdant hills, ancient woodlands, windswept moorland and mysterious lakes, the scenery can be spectacular. A quarter of the county is covered by the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, much of which is just as beautiful […]

Culture Vultures

Shropshire Welcomes… Curious visitors

Shropshire is a treasure trove of intriguing and often rather quirky facts. For example, did you know that Salop is an old name for the county? And that Shropshire residents are called Salopians? We’ve put together 20 more “did you know?” nuggets of information about various aspects of Shropshire – including its countryside, history, culture, […]

Shropshire Welcomes… history lovers

If you’re a history buff, you’ll be in your element exploring Shropshire. The county is jam-packed with historical sights. They range from the substantial remains of one of Britain’s biggest Roman towns to the many attractions associated with the Industrial Revolution at Ironbridge Gorge. You can also discover a host of medieval castles – built […]

Shropshire welcomes… lovers of market towns

A key ingredient in what makes Shropshire so enticing to visit is its many historic market towns. The towns are all different in look and feel of course. For one thing, some are large and others are tiny. However, typically they all boast vibrant communities with lots of eye-catching old buildings housing an incredible variety […]


Shropshire Welcomes.... Romantic Couples

Shropshire welcomes… romantic couples If you’re looking to get away for some quality time with someone you love, head to Shropshire. The county has all sorts of places to stay that are perfect for kindling or reviving a bit of romance in a relationship.  We’ve picked out ten that are really special for a getaway […]

Shropshire Welcomes… Lovers of Food and Drink

With its farming heritage and fertile countryside, Shropshire is a slice of heaven for foodies. Outstanding food producers abound. You are spoilt for choice for places to stock up on local produce, from delis to butchers and farm shops to markets. This is true right across the county, and not just in the picturesque market […]

How to spend 48 hours in Ironbridge

Ironbridge Gorge is wonderfully scenic and peaceful now, with the River Severn flowing past thickly-wooded banks. But in past centuries this area couldn’t have been more different. It was heavily mined and quarried for coal, iron ore, limestone and clay from the 1500s, with furnaces and foundries, factories and workshops appearing from the 1700s.  In […]

Misty sunrise over Clun Castle 🏰 ☀️

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