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Take a trip to explore McDonald’s Market Drayton, home to Franchisee Matt Winfield’s net-zero restaurant, featuring a Biodiversity Garden and Nature Trail.

The Biodiversity Garden and Nature Trail, nestled beside the bustling McDonald’s restaurant, serves as an oasis for local wildlife and a serene space for customers and the community. The dedicated area has been thoughtfully designed alongside the children of Market Drayton Junior School to improve local ecology and biodiversity. Some of its features include:

· Bird boxes

· Habitats for spiders, insects, frogs, and worms

· Bat boxes

· Pollinator posts adorned with nectar-rich flowers for bees and butterflies

· Plants and trees native to the local area

The garden design includes reed beds to collect rainwater from the carpark, which reduces the amount of water diverted to the sewage system and provides a habitat for frogs and other creatures. The selected trees and shrubs are fast growing, native species that will help capture carbon and provide a pleasant display for visitors to enjoy all year round.

McDonald’s Market Drayton, Shropshire made history in 2021 by becoming the UK’s first net-zero carbon restaurant. While it may look like any other McDonald’s, it has been designed both inside and out to be as sustainable as possible.

The restaurant’s eco-friendly features include:

· 100% renewable energy sourced from wind turbines and solar panels

· Building cladding made from recycled IT equipment

· Insulation using sustainable British sheep’s wool

· Wall art crafted from McDonald’s coffee cups and coffee bean waste

Whether you’re a Shropshire local or just passing through, make sure to visit this unique Biodiversity Garden and Nature Trail for a taste of eco-friendly dining.


The opening of McDonald’s Market Drayton is one of a number of initiatives McDonald’s is undertaking as part of its Plan for Change – a new business and sustainability strategy to help McDonald’s achieve its aim of net zero emissions across its entire UK and Ireland business, including its value chain, by 2040.

To find out more on the Plan for Change, visit – www.mcdonalds.co.uk/planforchange

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