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Ludlow Brewery has launched Triple Hop Ludlow Dry Gin as its first signature House Gin, in collaboration with Ludlow Distillery, home of award-winning Ludlow Dry Gin.


The partnership has seen Ludlow Distillery’s owner and head distiller Shaun Ward experiment in blending hops together with classic gin botanicals to produce a new and unique gin. Combining three varieties of hops – Goldings, Fuggles and Citra – Triple Hop Ludlow Dry Gin is a tantalising twist on the original Ludlow Dry Gin; and is No.10 in a series of stunning award-winning gins.


Shaun Ward, Managing Director of Ludlow Distillery, said: “We’ve collaborated with Ludlow Brewery to devise a new and unique hoppy gin, merging the worlds of gin and beer. The Triple Hop Ludlow Dry Gin is the tenth release in our Ludlow Dry Gin range, and we’ve created it just in time for the festive season. We’re delighted with the finished product, fusing a trio of popular hop varieties with classic gin botanicals to offer a uniquely aromatic gin with refreshing, smooth and subtle zesty flavours. This hoppy spirit is an exciting addition to our range, and we can’t wait to see how our passionate gin customers enjoy this.”

Ludlow Brewing Company Managing Director Gary Walters said: “Ludlow Distillery share many of our core values, a commitment to handcrafting premium drinks using traditional artisanal methods, and the finest quality ingredients.

I’m very fond of a classic G&T occasionally as an alternative to beer and welcomed the chance to work with Shaun and his team to offer a signature gin in our taproom. It’s a natural fit to collaborate with another drinks brand in Ludlow. Ludlow Distillery’s spirits really do stand out due to their smoothness and quality, and we’re very excited to introduce our first

foray into a house gin. We’re delighted with the final recipe, and hope that a locally produced, collaborative gin will go down very well with our customers.”


Triple Hop Ludlow Dry Gin is described as:


An infusion of aromatic hops enhances the classic juniper character in Ludlow Brewery’s first signature house gin, handcrafted by Ludlow Distillery.


Quintessentially English hops: Goldings and Fuggles, combine with bold American Citra to offer a tantalising botanical twist on a traditional London Dry gin.


Triple Hop Ludlow Dry Gin delivers the distillery’s iconic, incredibly smooth mouthfeel, with hints of citrus and woody notes, leading to a perfectly balanced finish.

The base of the gin is classic English hops Goldings and Fuggle. Fuggle (or Fuggles) has been revered as a classic English aroma hop for over a century, with delicate minty, grassy, earthy and slightly floral characteristics; often used in conjunction with Goldings.

Goldings, the star of Ludlow Brewery’s flagship cask beer Ludlow Gold, is another quintessentially British hop, with slightly spicy, earthy and sweet honey aromas and flavours. Completing the trio is US-grown Citra, arguably the most citrusy aroma hop in the world of beer. Renowned for brewing IPAs, and Pale Ales, the subtle addition of Citra introduces a refreshing and aromatic infusion of zesty and fruity flavours.

Based at Ludlow Farmshop, Ludlow Distillery has been crafting premium award-winning spirits since 2018, when the iconic Ludlow Dry Gin was created. This independent artisan distillery uses traditional, copper-pot distillation, blending only the finest natural botanicals, with no artificial colours or flavours.

Ludlow Brewery is a small family-owned independent brewery, based just a two-minute walk from Ludlow railway station. Established in 2006, it offers a core range of cask-conditioned real ales alongside more modern craft brews, brewed by its pilot brewery, Derailed.

Triple Hop Ludlow Dry Gin will be pouring soon at Ludlow Brewery, and available in 70cl bottles at £41.99 from the brewery, distillery shop and retailers of Ludlow Gin.

Follow Ludlow Distillery and Ludlow Brewery’s social media channels for the remainder of

the campaign rolling out in the upcoming weeks. @ludlowdistillery @ludlowdrygin @ludlowbrewery (Instagram) @ludlow.brewery (Facebook).

Winter sunrise from the Wrekin ❤️ 

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Montgomery, a cousin of William the Conqueror, earned this castle and more as a thank-you for his aid during the Norman conquest.

From royal stronghold to a 16th-century transformation, Shrewsbury Castle has quite the story. Now, it stands majestically, housing the Shropshire Regimental Museum. 👑🏰 Ready to step into the pages of history?

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